About Us

Omega Learn is a platform to promote math, science, and programming interest and awareness among school kids from elementary to high school. We provide a comprehensive list of resources and free classes so the kids can have access to all the information at one place. We want to help every child develop a positive attitude towards math and science and help them realize the fun associated with these subjects.


We are a team of middle and high schoolers who are passionate about teaching. We have been volunteering to teach several math and programming classes, and our goal is to improve the awareness about math/programming competitions, and provide a learning platform to benefit everyone in the community including underprivileged students who don’t have access to expensive coaching classes!

Our Team



Sohil is a student at Miller and very passionate about Math and Science. He has participated in Math competitions all over US and won 5 National level and dozens of regional competitions. He has qualified for AIME in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade, and the USAJMO in 7th grade. He was also part of his school’s MATHCOUNTS team which placed first in chapter competition. He has also competed in other competitions like MathLeague, MathKangaroo, BmMT/BMT, ARML, MMATHS, USMCA. 

Sohil also enjoys Science and was part of his school’s Science Olympiad team and won prizes at many regional competitions. He was also part of the Science Bowl team that won the regionals and placed 5th at the National Science Bowl and 2nd at the National Biology Bowl. 

In his free time he loves to make math related YouTube videos and teach math.


Sohil started Omega Learn to share his love for math and science with the community.




Sejal is a rising senior at Lynbrook High School. She loves to teach and participate in math and coding competitions.


She is a USAMO and USAJMO qualifier and 4 times Math Prize for Girls invitee. She was also one of the 10 students selected from US for the International Math Kangaroo Camp in Poland. She was part of the MATHCOUNTS team which placed 3rd in California.


She is also interested in competitive programming, placing 2nd at ACSL national competition, 1st in GPL, and currently at USACO Gold level. She was also selected to Stanford AI4ALL camp where she created machine learning models for analysis of cancer cells.

Sejal started OmegaLearn to help kids develop a positive attitude towards math and programming.