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High School Physics

If you are interested in Physics, there are a lot of useful resources and books that can help you master this subject.



Free Online Resources

Long list of resources for Physics Competitions

This is a comprehensive list of resources for students preparing for Physics competitions like F=ma or USAPhO

Science Olympiad Blog for Physics preparation

Art of Problem Solving has all of the past AMC 10's. Check out Math Contests for information about the AMC 10.

F=ma Past Exams (American Association of Physics Teachers)

Individual exams from previous years and their solutions  are available in PDFs for practice:

Books for High School Physics

Free Classes

Harvard Physics Circle

Harvard Physics Circle prepares students for the first screening exam for the US Physics Olympiad team, known as the "F=ma" exam,  held annualy at the end of January.

Paid Classes


If you are looking for paid Physics classes, here is a list of the most popular classes.

SpringLight Education Classes

SpringLight is a WASC accredited education organization. They have successfully provided the USAPhO training for more than five years. 30% to 60% of our students have qualified for the semi-final each year.

Their semifinalist students also qualified as finalists, and received gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal and honorable mentions.

Tang Academy

They offer physics classes for many levels. Students (8th – 12th grade) who are interested in AP Physics and the USA Physics Olympiad with strong math and science backgrounds are encouraged to apply.​

Arteem Institute Physics Competition Prep Courses

This online prep course will review the fundamental knowledge and cover problem solving skills needed to excel on this year's F=ma exam. Students will learn the tricks needed to solve common problems efficiency, and practice with previous physics contest problems, taken from F=ma, Physics Bowl, Physics Olympiad, and more.

ACES Academic Enrichment Center

ACES Physics Program provide a platform for the students maximize their potential and dig out their talents in Physics and pave the road for students to be qualified for the physics Olympiad semifinalist, the first level of US Physics Olympiad competition( F=ma )

Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth

Through their Physics programs, students will build qualitative and quantitative reasoning in physical thinking. Students will learn critical skills in scientific inquiry, investigation, modeling, diagramming, unit analysis, laboratory techniques, and data analysis. In addition to preparing students for AP and SAT II Subject Tests, their curriculum uniquely integrates preparation for elite physics competitions to achieve synergy while learning. Top students have the opportunity to compete and excel in the USA Physics Olympiad competition. 

Gauss Academy of Mathematical Education

Physics acceleration and problem solving classes. Classes include Junior Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics 1/2, AP Physics C, and Physics Olympiad. The Physics Olympiad classes prepare the students to take part in the US Physics Bowl and USA Physics Olympiad qualifying exams.

AP Physics 1
AP Physics C: E&M
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