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Elementary School Competition Math

If you are interested in math contests like Math Olympiad (MOEMS), MathLeague, MathKangaroo, here is a comprehensive list of the best books and resources to help you prepare.


Also, here is a list of Math Contests that you can participate in.

Online Resources

Khan Academy

Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. 

Beestar Grades 1-6 provides innovative online math and reading exercises for kids. It has helped thousands of students achieve excellent grades. Using its curriculum-based programs for only 20 minutes a week, students can effectively master the core knowledge and skills taught in school. Parents can monitor performance online and know exactly what their students need. Beestar provides motivational recognitions every week that bring a lot of fun to learning.


Their dynamic worksheets put amazing resources to increase students' intelligence and creativity in all areas of learning literally at your fingertips! 

Dad's Worksheets has been one of the web’s top ranked sources of free math learning materials since 2008. 

Brilliant  (use this link to get a 20% discount)

Brilliant helps to build quantitative skills in math, science, and computer science with fun and challenging interactive explorations. All of their courses are crafted by award-winning teachers, researchers, and professionals from MIT, Caltech, Duke, Microsoft, Google, and more, with these principles of learning in mind.

Think Matrix (use this link to get 1 month free) 

Think Matrix uses AI technology to provide a self-adaptive learning platform. With over 10,000 practice questions in 29 modules and 70+ topics, students get unlimited practice and tests.


Dr Simon Singh, author of the No. 1 bestseller Fermat’s Last Theorem and The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets has created a set of weekly maths challenges – just 15 minutes of interesting, fun and challenging material that goes beyond school maths: mystery and history, activities and oddities, puzzles and problems.

AoPS Keep Learning

The AoPS team has assembled fun activities to help kids keep learning, collaborating, and having fun even while safe at home.

MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools)

  • Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics

    • ​It uses about 400 challenging non-routine problems to extend elementary and middle school mathematics into such topics as sequences, series, principles of divisibility, geometric configurations, and logic. 

  • Math Olympiad Contest Problems Volume 1

    • This volume consists 400 challenging problems and ingenious solutions for the first 16 years, all at the Division E level from our contests 1979 through 1995

    • Complete solutions (frequently multiple solutions and follow up questions)

  • Math Olympiad Contest Problems Volume 2

    • ​This consists of 425 problems from the contests from 1995 to 2005

    • 50 Division E contests and 35 Division M contests

    • Step-by-step solutions to all problems; Hints, strategies, and percents correct for all questions; Multiple solutions for most problems

  • Math Olympiad Contest Problems Volume 3

    • ​This consists of 400 problems from the contests from 2005 to 2013

    • 40 Division E contests and 40 Division M contests

    • Step-by-step solutions to all problems

Although these books are for both elementary and middle schools, this contest is far easier than many others so elementary school students should easily be able to do even middle school problems.

Singapore Math Books
Singapore math books contain a collection of many problems that help students develop problem solving skills. For each grade, Singapore Math has different books. Their "Challenging Word Problems" books are the best for competition math. If you want more practice, you can also get th "Intensive Problem Solving" books.
Competiton Math
Beast Academy Books


Beast Academy is created by Art of Problem Solving for elementary students. The Beast Academy book series is a full math curriculum for grades 2‑5. Beautifully illustrated Guides offer engaging math instruction. Practice books include hundreds of problems and puzzles that reinforce the concepts learned in the Guides.

You can also find these books at the Beast Academy bookstore.

Other Useful Books

Paid Classes


If you are looking for paid Math classes, here is a list of the most popular paid classes.

AlphaStar Academy​

AlphaStar Academy offers extensive training programs for gifted students towards national and international Math and Science competitions such as MathCounts, American Mathematics Competitions, USA Math Olympiads, USA Computing Olympiads, F=ma, and USA Physics Olympiads.

Art of Problem Solving

Since 2003, the AoPS online school has provided a unique learning experience carefully designed for outstanding students studying online. We offer a full math curriculum for middle and high school, introductory programming courses, and specialty courses to prepare students for particular math and science competitions. Most of our courses meet weekly for live sessions, and have a variety of types of weekly homework.

Momentum Learning

Momentum Learning provides tutoring services to elementary and high school students in the Sugar Land, Texas area. Their comprehensive services cover the critical subject areas for educational success in these grades. They provide weekly classes covering a variety of subjects including school math, contest math, coding, science, English, and public speaking.

Mathleague offers a number of services designed to promote math and problem solving abilities in individual or group settings. Instructors at run short-term classes to help prepare students for math competitions and develop their problem-solving skills. Classes will be held throughout the school year in person and online. 

Russian School of Mathematics

RSM's award winning K-12 after-school math program has empowered students to achieve excellence for over twenty years.

If you are looking for more resources, remember to check out the section for Middle School Math Resources.

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