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High School Competition Math

If you are interested in math contests like AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME, ARML, CHIMMC, HMMT, BMT, SMT, CHMMC, ARML, USA(J)MO, IMO, etc. here is a comprehensive list of the best books and resources to help you prepare.


Also, here is a list of Math Contests that you can participate in.

Free Online Resources

Mastering AMC 10/12 Book and Video Series

This free book covers the most important concepts on the AMC 10/12 and includes video lectures for every chapter, formulas for every topic, and hundreds of examples and practice problems with detailed video solutions. 

Omega Learn Free AMC 10/12 Classes

These classes cover the most important concepts required for the AMC 10/12 tests. These are specially great for beginners who are starting to prepare for the AMC 10/12 exams.

AoPS Math Jams

Math Jams are free online discussions hosted by Art of Problem Solving for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Informational sessions about Art of Problem Solving classes

  • Review of the AMC and AIME competitions

  • Introductions to new topics in math and other areas of study

Evan Chen's Site

An amazing collection of handouts and other resources for anyone preparing for math olympiads.



AHSME (American High School Mathematics Exam) is basically an old version AMC 10/12 from 1950 to 1999.

AMC 10 Tests

Art of Problem Solving has all of the past AMC 10's. Check out Math Contests for information about the AMC 10.

AMC 12 Tests

This page has all of the past AMC 12 tests. Check out Math Contests for information about the AMC 12.


AIME Tests

This page has all of the past AIME tests. Check out Math Contests for information about the AIME.


Brilliant helps to build quantitative skills in math, science, and computer science with fun and challenging interactive explorations. All of their courses are crafted by award-winning teachers, researchers, and

professionals from MIT, Caltech, Duke, Microsoft, Google, and more, with these principles of learning in mind.

Beauty of Math YouTube Channel

This is a channel focusing on all Competition Math such as American Mathematics Competitions, AIME, Math Counts, Math Kangaroo, content from Art of Problem Solving and various other Mathematical Topics.

AoPS Wiki Problem Generator

This problem generator generates random problems from the aops wiki 1 at a time or in groups. 

AMC Trivial

Trivial is a site for unlimited problem practice and other learning features, based on the vast database of the Art of Problem Solving Wiki.


Best Books for Competition Math

Art of Problem Solving books are some of the best books to prepare for Math competitions. Make sure to get the solution manual for each book, as many of the problems are quite challenging and the solutions manual includes detailed solutions.

Books for AMC 10/12​ preparation


Free Resources for AIME

David Altizio's Web Page

David (popularly known as djmathman on AoPS Forums) is an MAA problem writer, and has an amazing page with a lot of useful resources for AMC 10/12 and AIME preparation. Some notable resources:

Collection of AIME like Problems

Collection of AIME Solutions

Free Classes (AMC 10/12 Advanced/AIME level)

Youth Conway Math Association (YCMA)

Youth Conway provides high quality, free, virtual instruction as well as engaging mathematical immersion activities in a time when many similar events have been canceled due to this global crisis.

Math Divulged Classes

Math Divulged is a COMPLETELY FREE online series of classes! They offer a diverse set of topics and levels and participants have complete control over the classes they choose to attend, allowing them to craft their dream schedule. Math Divulged is composed of dedicated competitive math veterans, including MathCounts National Champion, MOPpers, IMO Gold Medal winner, etc

Everaise Academy

Everaise provides 5 week STEM outreach program for middle and high school students that seeks to challenge participants through engaging courses in mathematics, physics, astronomy, linguistics, and biology.

Euclid's Orchard

Euclid's Orchard serves to provide high quality handouts to teach those who are interested in a variety of subjects.

Trinity School NYC Math Team Classes

TrinMAC offered free, virtual math camp​ during the summer of 2020.

Mallstars Classes

MoTown All Stars Mathematics Team is a team of motivated students dedicated to improving the mathematics community. They offer a number of classes from middle school to Olympiad level.


The Mathematical Advancement by Self Training program (MAST) is targeted towards AIME qualifiers who want to do better on the AIME.

Paid Classes


If you are looking for paid Math classes, here is a list of the most popular paid classes.

AlphaStar Academy​

AlphaStar Academy offers extensive training programs for gifted students towards national and international Math and Science competitions such as MathCounts, American Mathematics Competitions, USA Math Olympiads, USA Computing Olympiads, F=ma, and USA Physics Olympiads.

Art of Problem Solving

Since 2003, the AoPS online school has provided a unique learning experience carefully designed for outstanding students studying online. We offer a full math curriculum for middle and high school, introductory programming courses, and specialty courses to prepare students for particular math and science competitions. Most of our courses meet weekly for live sessions, and have a variety of types of weekly homework.

Momentum Learning

Momentum Learning provides tutoring services to elementary and high school students in the Sugar Land, Texas area. Their comprehensive services cover the critical subject areas for educational success in these grades. They provide weekly classes covering a variety of subjects including school math, contest math, coding, science, English, and public speaking.


OTIS is an olympiad training program for students aiming to do well on USA(J)MO or similar level contests. It is designed for contestants who are comfortable reading and writing proofs and can usually qualify for national olympiad, (for example, consistently 10+ on AIME for American contestants is fine). Students at other levels should feel welcome to contact me for referrals to other mentors.

Awesome Math

AwesomeMath is devoted to providing enriching experiences in mathematics for intellectually curious learners. Through summer camps, publications, curriculum, and competitions AwesomeMath fosters a community that values critical thinking, creativity, passionate problem solving, and lifetime mathematical learning.

Idea Math

IDEA MATH’s comprehensive teaching materials are modeled after those of one of the nation’s strongest math teams, the Phillips Exeter Academy math team. IDEA MATH’s materials cover everything from introductory algebra, counting, and geometry, to complex materials at the Olympiad level and beyond. The program also puts emphasis on student leadership, critical study skills, and positive attitudes that are conducive to learning.

Achievable (save 25%)

Achievable provides AMC 8 and AMC 10/12 courses through their memory-reinforcing platform which automatically prioritizes the material students need and then trains them to remember it more effectively on test day.

Books for AIME​ preparation


Popular Books for Olympiads


AwesomeMath Books
Many more AwesomeMath books on Amazon
The full list of AwesomeMath books can also be found at the AwesomeMath bookstore.


MyMathCounts Books

* These books often have typos and errors

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