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About Omega Learn

Omega Learn is a place to find all the resources you need for Elementary, Middle, or High School. We provide a variety of free Classes, a comprehensive list of resources, and fun math competitions.

The Book of Mathematical Formulas and Strategies

We have created a book with the most popular mathematical formulas and strategies. This book is a 125+ page collection of the most important theorems and concepts for math competitions. This book should serve as a reference guide for quick review before any math competition, and should be useful for competitions like AMC 8, AMC 10/12, MATHCOUNTS, and AIME. We really hope you find this useful!


This eBook covers the following topics: Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Logarithms, Complex Numbers, and Additional Techniques. 

All You Need to Know about Math Competitions

and how to prepare for them

Free Classes

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Math Olympiad (MOEMS)
A class discussing some important topics for the Math Olympiad (MOEMS).
This class is useful for elementary and middle school students who are just starting with math competitions.
AMC 8 Fundamentals
In this class, we covered most of the fundamental concepts needed for the AMC 8 and discussed smart ways to solve AMC 8 problems.
This class is suited for middle schoolers or advanced elementary students interested in math competitions and are just getting started.
In this program, we discussed concepts to help master the AMC 8 and also prepare for other competitions like MATHCOUNTS! 
This class is best suited for middle schoolers or advanced elementary students who are familiar with math competitions and want to improve their scores.
AMC 10/12
This program will cover some important topics for the AMC 10/12 exams, and will help students prepare for those competitions.
This class is suited for middle schoolers or high schoolers who are preparing for AMC10/12 competitions.

Popular Videos

We have researched and collected the best resources for students in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. This includes online resources, classes, and popular books for all levels.


Elementary School Resources


Middle School Resources


High School Resources

Are you in high school and trying to increase your GPA, self-study courses, or prepare for competitions? We have resources for

Most Popular Online Resources

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